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TIS Director Message

It is my great pleasure to has opportunity to share with you our intention in providing education at Thai International School.
Education is believed to be the most important means to change people life for the better. Education can be done in many different forms and also changes overtime. With the advancement of technology, the teaching and learning can be done even more sophisticated. However, the main questions for providing education remain the same: How are we going to educate our young children? What moral, believes, values or characteristics are to be imparted in them? What are important knowledge and skills to be developed and how to lead their life successfully in this rapid changing world.
Students must master the concepts, knowledge and skills in all essential subject areas of school curriculum which is the foundation to understand the world around them and the basis for higher education and life-long learning. Technology literacy must be included throughout.
Critical thinking and problem-solving skills enable our students to look at local and global situations/ problems critically and try alternative ways to solve the problems.
However, to live a happy live, a person must be imparted with moral and ethical values. Honesty, kindness, empathy, compassion, considerate, gratefulness, diligent, patience, etc.
These ethical values will help guide students to be content with themselves and understand others more.
With all these have been done TIS is certain that we have educated individual with
Excellent Wisdom, Moral Mind and Perfect Deeds


Thai International School provides education for students from Nursery to Grade 12. We believe that in this way we can nurture our students fully and continuously without interruption. We know that there are critical periods for each stage of children’s development. Our curriculum, instructions, all social and cultural activities, school facilities, and staff are carefully and specifically selected and planned to foster students’ intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and physical development. This will ensure a smooth transition from one developmental period to the next.
We provide experiential and hands-on learning in a safe and secure environment that allows students to learn, grow, explore, and develop their unique potential. This will allow our students to be capable of making responsible decisions and to be able to solve problems strategically.
We emphasize ethical values including: Honesty, Kindness, Trustworthiness, Empathy and Sympathy, Tolerance, Courage, and Perseverance both through direct teaching and in the participation of various kinds of school activities. Besides those ethical values, we believe that students will develop: Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Discipline, and Collaboration. We believe that with these ethical values students will be ready to be good citizens and good members of society. Students learn that every society has rules and laws that members have to conform to. Good democratic citizens have their functions and responsibilities toward their community. Our school stresses on building good relationships with parents and the community so as to benefit our students’ education.


Thai International School utilises a collaborative effort between staff, parents, and students to offer a continuum of dynamic education from nursery to high school. Thai International School adopts an intensive focus on both academic skills and soft skills to develop balanced individuals that are able to engage effectively, and harmoniously, within Thai society and the wider global community. In particular, Thai International School focuses on these main characteristics
Excellent Wisdom: Learners will have sound judgement to distinguish right from wrong. Learners will also adopt a growth mindset to become resilient and creative life-long learners.
Moral Mind: Learners will be moral and ethical which will help guide them to live their lives rightly and also benefit the lives of others.
Perfect Deeds: Learners will have compassion, empathy and wisdom to lead them to make correct decisions and to do things that serve common interests.
With these three characteristics in focus, education will result in happiness, success and integrity of each learner’s life. This is a strong foundation to build an outstanding productive member of both the Thai constitutional monarchy society and the wider global community.
Moreover, TIS will nurture and develop the teaching profession in order to provide the highest quality education. TIS will: lead learners to international standards, enable learners to communicate fluently in Thai, English, Chinese, and other languages of their choice, and enable learners to acquire 21st century competency in order for them to be effective and active global citizens.


TIS provides a rigorous, creative, well-rounded education for Thai as well as foreign students, relevant to child developmental stages from early childhood to kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and high school, based on the United State of America’s educational system. The curriculum is modified from the United States of America Common Core Curriculum Standards and Thai Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E. 2551 (2008) and the TIS education objectives. The TIS education program covers all these grades.
Nursery 2-3 years old
Kindergarten 1-3 3-6 years old
Primary Grade 1-2 6-8 years old
Lowe School Grade 3-5 8-11 years old
Middle School Grade 6-8 11-14 years old
With our commitment to provide high-quality education that meets the international standard, the education quality control will be assessed at all levels. TIS will subscribe to
  • International education quality control organizations such as ACS WASC.
  • Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment.
Nevertheless, we place intense focus on our own performance to run the school actively to maintain a high standard of teaching profession by processing all year-round experiences, arranging activities not only to promote teacher’s professional growth, but to also support the relationship between parents and teachers, and to enhance the learning of each student.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SWLO)

  1. Be moral and ethical citizens in a democratic society that will serve to benefit both the local community and the global community.
  2. Develop fluency in Thai, English, Chinese, and other languages with cultural and content appropriacy. Students will demonstrate proficiency of these multilingual skills in communication through: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and through the use of technologies.
  3. Develop an appreciation and pride in being Thai. Students will value: Thai culture and traditions, be proud of the Thai nation, religion, and the Royal Thai Monarchy. Thai national students will also develop deep patriotic values for Thailand.
  4. Understand and respect for other cultures and traditions from around the world; value the importance of diversity which will allow students to live in harmony.
  5. Be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.
  6. Demonstrate mastery of concepts, knowledge, skills, and languages in all essential subject areas, and disciplines, that enable them to research various global issues.
  7. Develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, leadership and collaborative skills. Students will also cultivate a life-long growth mindset to enable them to take appropriate action, in their own lives and in local, to improve conditions in local and global communities.
  8. Develop the ability to innovate and use technologies in a career/entrepreneurial path. Students will have a deep understanding of the interdependence of economic, political, technological, and social systems worldwide.
  9. 9) Develop awareness of natural and environmental preservation. Students will display positive environmental behaviours and will have the ability to make a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of the environment.

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