Updating: Online learning Timetables

Dear parents, Thank you for your feedback about the recent use of our online timetable and for your kind cooperation with the school in providing education to students. In order to be more clear and effective in using the online timetable and to establish a more disciplined timetable for learning, TIS would like to adjust the timetable and request for cooperation from parents. The adjustments are as follows: 1. Please inform students about the timetable so they can prepare to learn. 2. Set a 10-minute break between learning periods. 3. Set a 15-minute Milk Break & Snack break. 4. After studying each day, students should take time to review lessons, complete assignments, and do more of the assigned reading. If there are problems with a lesson or if students have any questions, they should communicate directly with the classroom or subject teacher. Please see the attached table for more information and detail. TIS Note: