Thai International School offers a continuum of education from nursery through high school with the intensive focus on qualities of a human being in order to build a strong foundation for developing balanced people with these three characteristics:

Excellent Wisdom: Learners will have sound judgement to distinguish right from wrong.

Moral Mind: Learners will have moral and ethical aspects which will rightly guide them to live their lives for the benefit of not only themselves, but also for others.

Perfect Deeds: Learners will be able to control themselves using their wisdom and mind to lead them to behave properly, and to do things that serve common interests.

With these three characteristics in focus, education will result in happiness, success and integrity of each learner’s life.
This is a strong foundation on which to build a good, productive member of Thai constitutional monarchical society.

Moreover, TIS is determined to develop our teachers to provide quality education which will lead learners to meet international standards, to be able to communicate fluently in Thai, English, and other third languages of their choice, and to acquire competence to contribute to the world.


TIS provides a rigorous, creative, well-rounded education for Thai and foreign students which is relevant to each child’s developmental stages: from early childhood to kindergarten, primary school, lower school, middle school, and high school. Our school system is based on and follows the United State of America’s educational system. The curriculum is modified from the United State of America’s common core standard curriculum with adaptations being made to match with the educational objectives of TIS.

The TIS education program covers the following grade levels:
•Nursery 2-3 years old, 1 grade level
•Kindergartens 3-6 years old, 3 grade levels
•Primary 6-8 years old, 3 grade levels
•Lower School 8-11 years old, 3 grade levels
•Middle School 11-14 years old, 3 grade levels
•High School 14-18 years old, 4 grade levels

With our commitment to providing high quality education that meets international standards, quality control of our educational instruction and learning will be assessed at all levels.
TIS will subscribe to international education quality control organizations such as ACS WASC, Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment.

Nevertheless, we place intense focus on our own performance to run the school actively and to maintain a high standard of teaching through year-round processing. We arrange activities not only to promote our teachers’ professional growth, but also to support the relationship between parents and teachers, which will in turn provide all stakeholders with confidence and ultimately lead to the enhanced learning opportunities of each student.