Leaders you can count on

Thai International School is managed by a team of highly-qualified and experienced educators with a passion for inspiring and educating young children to become independent thinkers and leaders.

To speak with a member of our school’s administration, please call 063-838-9900 to schedule an appointment.

Thai International School Founders

Associate Professor Dr.Jongrak Krainam

Assistant Professor Dr.Manmart Leelasatayakul

Assistant Professor Dr.Naruemon Yutakom

Dr. Nopdol Tumwattana

Ajarn Mallika Tumwattana

TIS Academic Team

Associate Professor Dr. Jongrak Krainam
School Director

Assistant Professor Dr.Manmart Leelasatayakul
[Supervisor and Curriculum Developer in English Courses]

Assistant Professor Dr.Naruemon Yutakom:
[Supervisor and Curriculum Developer in Science & Mathematics]

Associate Professor Somchit Wattanakulung
[Supervisor and Curriculum Developer in Thai Language, Social Studies, and Enrichment Activities for Thai Social Culture and Buddhism]

Ajarn Mallika Tumwattana
[Food & Nutrition Director; Early Childhood Education Specialist]

Honorary Academic Consultants

 Professor Dr. Deborah J. Tippins: Professor of Mathematics and Science Education, University of Georgia

Professor Dr. Denise Anne Spangler: Former Head of Mathematics and Science Education, University of Georgia

Professor Dr. Robert Eugene Yager: Professor Emeritus of Science Education Department, University of lowa

Dr. Tina Errthum: Teacher Training Expert in English Language Direct Teaching Method for Elementary Students, Greeley – Evans School District 6, Colorado

 Dr. Udon Namprai: PhD in Sports and Exercise Sciences Sport Pedagogy, University of Northern Colorado