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After School Activities Program (ASAP) and
Co-Curricular Programs

Thai International School or TIS was founded with the vision of providing the best education and quality of life for students from Nursery up to Grade 5. Significant importance is placed on establishing life skills, and self-awareness to allow all TIS students to have the best quality of life in the present and future. 

The curriculum created at TIS is based on the American education system, but has been specially adapted and developed to best fit the needs of our students (such as academic, music, sports, arts and more), Thai society, and the wider global community.
Since 2019, TIS has organized the After School Activities Program, Enhancement Activities and Enrichment Activities for our students.

Enhancement Activities

These are activities that provide opportunities for students to sharpen their knowledge and skills in all content areas.
  1. Drama
  2. Reader’s Theater
  3. Speech Contest
  4. Cultural Activities
  5. Art Exhibition
  6. Sports Competition
  7. Science Fair

Enrichment Activities

Students who have gained substantial knowledge and skills within their grade level are encouraged to create or design products that are creative and/or innovative based on their integrated knowledge and skills, or based on their specific interests.
  1. Music
  2. Sports
  3. Speech
  4. Drama
  5. Arts
  6. Invention
  7. Experimentation
  8. Technology

Your Imagination is the limit

After School Activities Program (ASAP)

After School Activities is a program that was created for students to adapt from what they have learned in the class and bring out the skills in their daily lives. This program is comprised of fun and challenging activities for students to develop a sense of teamwork and self-value.

Grouping by Age


2 Sessions Available Each Day
40-45 mins. / session
14:45 – 15:30
15:40 – 16:20


1 Session Available Each Day
40 mins. / session
15:40 – 16:20

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