Who we enroll

We currently accept students of all nationalities and all genders from Nursery to Primary School (Grade 4). Our students will have the opportunity to continue their education here at TIS through to graduation in Grade 12.

We accept new students to begin their studies starting at any grade level subject to seat availability.

The table below shows the average age of students in each grade level.

Nursery 2-3 years-old
Kindergarten (K1-3) 3-6 years-old
Primary School (G1-2)  6-8 years-old
Lower School (G3-5)  8-11 years-old
Middle School (G6-8)  11-14 years-old
High School (G9-12)  14-18 years-old

Application Process

The following 4 steps outline the application process that each student and their family must complete in order to be considered for admission.

Step 1: Make an appointment (contact information is shown below)

Step 2: Submit required documents

  • Birth Registration (original and copy)
  • House Registration
  • Academic Record (if the student has previously been enrolled at another school)
  • 3 “passport pictures” of size 2.5” (taken not longer than 6 months prior to applying)
  • Parent’s / Guardian’s Identification Card


Students shall be assessed and evaluated according to the school standards for eligibility by:

Step 3: Academic Screening Tests

  • Primary School: English, Thai, Mathematics, and Developmental Skills
  • Middle School: English, Thai, Mathematics,
    Social Studies, and Science
  • High School: English, Thai, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science

Step 4: Interview

Students who pass the academic screening tests will be interviewed to enable the TIS Admissions Board to make the final determination of admission eligibility.


All application procedures must be completed in person.

To begin your child’s educational journey at TIS, please make an appointment to visit us by calling 063-838-9900, or email your inquiry to thaiinternationalschool@gmail.com.