Thai International School
Facilities & Services

State of The Art

Thai International School provides facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art education technology and built for the safety and security of our students and faculty.

We offer extracurricular activities in our indoor and outdoor multi-function spaces.

Our facilities are set in a natural environment including a lake with a wide variety of animal life. The lake is equipped with a solar-powered turbine aerator to keep the water fresh for our animal friends. Our natural spaces are a resource for teaching students about ecology and environmental preservation, as well as a source of natural beauty and a space for relaxation.

Overview of Facilities

Outdoor spaces

Indoor spaces

State-of-the-art facilities for the health, safety, and enjoyment of our students.

Our Nurse’s office is equipped with first-aid medical supplies, over-the-counter medications, sanitary station for treating injuries, 3 personal rest beds, and more. Our on-site, Registered Nurse is prepared to support in any first-aid or general health related situations that might arise.

Natural Environment

TIS is located on a spectacular 11 acre (30 rai) plot of land on the banks of the Chaopraya River.

The school’s unique design provides a sense of openness thanks to the spacing of various parts of the campus. Our buildings have been designed to allow for open ventilation and fresh natural air to circulate throughout the buildings to ensure a sanitary and relaxing atmosphere.

Animal Life

Our school community includes a variety of animals, as closeness and respect for nature and all its creatures helps create kind, responsible, and supportive members of society.

On campus you’ll find chickens, fish, swans, peacocks, turtles, ducks, and even migratory Great egret.

Sports Facilities


Indoor-outdoor, salt-water swimming pools

& Tennis

Two professional tennis courts, and one standard, full-sized, covered basketball court


Professional football/soccer pitch, surrounded by a rubber running track


Restrooms & Washing Stations

Our restrooms are conveniently located and students & staff are encouraged to wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap and follow up with alcohol hand gel multiple times throughout the day.

Temperature Screening & Front Gate Procedures

  1. Students arrive on campus
  2. Teachers greet students and lead them to the temperature screening
  3. Once cleared, students proceed to the gate
  4. Each student washes hands with hand gel
  5. Students use their ID card to scan & enter 
  6. Students join their peers and classroom teachers for our morning assembly

Technology in Education

Coding & Computer Science

Starting in K3, students begin developing skills in computer programming, UX/UI design, and robotics. They also learn how to type, and students even create animated videos to help tell stories of their own creation.

Apple Campus
& Device Policy

Every classroom, and our Computer Lab, are equipped with interactive Smart Boards for teachers and students to utilize. Students use their personal iPad devices during classes at school and while completing work from home.