Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education

Nursery - Kindergarten 3
2 - 6 Years old

The important goal is for every child to experience success, to feel safe and secure, to be valued and understood in order to optimize learning. Students will learning is seen as valuable and rewarding. Learn how to function in a group to experience the joy of being and learning together.

Tailormade Just For You

We Provide the ideal environment for our young learners

Students will grow best in an environment of embryonic community life, active with types of activities and occupations which reflect the society as a whole, and which permeates the spirit of arts, history, science, social and culture and communicative languages.

Partnership with Parents

The school arranges an active community for students and teachers who are responsible for each other. The school will work closely in partnership with parents to support and enhance the learning of each student.

Expected Outcomes

The Fundamental Purposes Underline that :

  • Children are instilled with morality and ethics whilst being encouraged to be themselves and be confident as well as behaving properly and respectfully.
  • Children will be able to use Thai language as well as foreign languages effectively, gain knowledge and understanding of the Thai flourishing culture and traditions together with religious teachings.
  • Both Thai and foreign children will have opportunities to develop their mature sense of respect for diverse cultures.
  • Children will develop appropriate manners.

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