Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Enrollment & Tuition Fees

The list of documents given to parents on the date of application
1. Thai International School Application form
2. Registration form
3. Student Information
4. Student Health Record Card
5. Photography and Video Consent
The list of documents required to apply for admission
1. 2 student photos (size 2 inches)
2. 1 Photo parents and 1 photo guardians (size 2 inches)
3. 1 Photo nanny (size 2 inches) (If coming to pick-up student)
4. 1 copy of student’s house registration
5. 1 copy of father’s house registration
6. 1 copy of mother’s house registration
7. 1 copy of father’s identification card
8. 1 copy of mother’s identification card
9. 1 copy of the student’s certificate of birth
10. Copy of rename – surname certificate of student/father/ mother
11. Copy of Student passport (copy only that shows 1 spelling of the name) (if any)
12. Copy of father passport (copy only that shows 1 spelling of the name) (if being a foreigner)
13. Copy of mother passport (copy only that shows 1 spelling of the name) (if being a foreigner) Copy
14. Academic achievement report from the former school
15. Certification of student status
16. 1 copy of nanny’s identification card (If coming to pick-up student)
17. 1 copy of guardian’s identification card (if not parent)
18. Parental consent letter (appointing other person as student’s guardian)
1. All documents will be copied and verified as genuine by parents/guardians. TIS will require each copy to have the signature from the parents/guardian as a verification of all document’s authenticity.
2. Thai International School reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice.

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