Lower School (CH)

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Lower School

grades 3 - 5
8 - 11 years old

As students advance to the Lower School, with increasing maturity and sense of responsibility, their foundational skills will be solidified. The curriculum focuses on extending their literacy skills through the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students also learn mathematics and develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Basic concepts and skills of science, social studies and arts are integrated into students’ literacy and numeracy skills.

Tailormade Just For You

building strong character traits for real-world success

Health and physical education, as well as co-curricular and extra curriculum activities are arranged to enhance students’ social values and character development. To further connect them to the world outside the classroom.

Culture & Entrepreneurial Spirit

The world languages we offer (Chinese, Japanese and Spanish) raise awareness of different cultures. And the hands-on experiences with our school Small Business training program encourages students to be active learners and young entrepreneurs.

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