School Facilities & Services

At Thai International School we are well aware that all people, especially students, benefit greatly from proper health & hygiene habits and routines. It is imperative that we teach our students these habits now so that they may integrate these into their lives at an early age and continue them throughout their lifetime. We provide the following facilities and services in order to foster the environment that will reinforce these lifelong practices.

1. School Meals and Snacks Service (Lunch and Milk)

The school has a policy to enhance primary hygiene by introducing proper nutrition  to the students at a young age. We focus on this because we know that young children are not able to understand and distinguish the nutrient elements of the food by themselves; whether healthy or unhealthy, therefore the school provides school meals and snacks.

For more information, visit our Meals Service page.

2. First Aid Service

There is a first aid room at the school and a nurse or school personnel stationed at the office daily from 7:30 -17:30. In case of emergency or necessity, the school shall inform and cooperate with parents and local hospitals.

3. Hygiene Promotion Project

The school provides annual health checkups as deemed appropriate with respect to the age of each student and his/her year of study.

4. Security service
Security guards are stationed around campus 24 hours a day

Teachers will be assigned to various duty stations each day to look after students while entering the school in the morning and while leaving the school in the afternoon. The teacher will also coordinate with the security department to ensure the safety of students.