Curriculum Overview

Nursery - Grade 6

American Standards by Grade Level

Age Appropriate Placement

TIS enrolls students in the grade level which appropriately corresponds to their age:
  • Preschool/Nursery – Kindergarten 3 (2-6 years old)
  • Primary School: Grades 1-6 (6-12 years old)

*Currently accepting applications for Nursery – Grade 6

40+ Years Of Experience In Educational Development

The school curriculum is developed by educators and school founders with more than 40 years of experience in educational development for both Thai and international programs ranging from Pre-school to High School. The school’s objectives and educational goals are in accordance with the Naturalism Philosophy, Educational Philosophy of Pragmatism, Social Democratic Philosophy, Intellectual Development, and Child Psychology Development. The school also uses the American Common Core Curriculum Standards as a guideline for curriculum development.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X
The important goal is for every child to experience success, to feel safe and secure, to be valued and understood in order to optimize learning. Students will learning is seen as valuable and rewarding. Learn how to function in a group to experience the joy of being and learning together.

This program of study focuses on building Grade 1-6 students’ literacy and numeracy skills. It is important that students at these grade levels acquire strong reading, writing, and mathematics skills which are the foundation for all other academic achievement.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

The first step is for you to get in touch with our Admissions team. Please contact us through your preferred method:

We accept applications and enroll students on a rolling basis. You may apply at any time. Upon acceptance your child may be immediately enrolled.

There is no admission testing for Nursery – G6 but we require an interview with students and parents.

TIS has a unique teaching style, as we teach our students to have a wide range of experiences that foster critical thinking, self-learning, and creativity. Our aim is to foster the best and happy learner in students and also to teach them life-skills through hands-on activities.

The curriculum created at TIS is a common core curriculum standard based on the American education system, but has been specially adapted and developed to best fit the needs of our students, Thai society, and the wider global community.

All the foreign teachers are required to graduate with an Education degree or hold a Teaching Certificate. Our teachers are all either native English or Chinese speakers.

Nursery – K2 Each class has a maximum of 20 students with a foreign teacher, a Thai teacher and a Teaching Assistant (TA).
K3 has a maximum of 20 students with a foreign teacher and a Thai teacher.
G1-G6 Each class has a maximum of 25 students with a foreign teacher and a Thai teacher.
TIS has organized a least 2 homeroom teachers in each class for effective care of students.

TIS strengths are how we are able to integrate an international school mindset together with Thai culture. Our students are taught to be polite, kind, and respectful of elders, parents, and teachers; while at the same time, students have the courage to express their ideas freely and take assertive action in a progressive manner. These characteristics directly reflect our school motto, which is “Thai Minds Lead Thailand to the World Stage”.